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Published Oct 27, 20
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Diy Bar: How To Build A Bar (Project)

To attach the plywood top you need to drill holes down trough the plywood into the 2x4s. Then, glue the plywood to the 2x4s and fasten the plywood to the 2x4s with 1 5/8" screws. Use secures to hold the top down while drying. (Pictures 2c and 2d) For the" plywood bar sides you just need to distribute each of the pieces and ensure to leave a cutout for the fish tank centered in the 23" spot designated for the tank.

To connect the sides drill holes trough the plywood into the 2x4s and then include glue and connect the plywood to the 2x4s with 1 5/8" screws. (Pictures 3a and 3b) Lastly, on the 2 ends of the bar I used" plywood, and stained it and waterproofed it in the same way as the "redwood skin discussed below - how to build a home wet bar.

Next, I sanded and stained them using Oil based wood stain (I picked the color Ipswich pine, however you can you whatever you like). (Image 4a) I then attached the panels to the interior" plywood using generous quantities of glue, finishing nails, and clamps to hold the boards in place while they dried.

I then stained the bottom trim and attached it utilizing glue and completing nails. (Photo 4d) Finally, I applied four coats of Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane Clear Gloss over the entire outside of the our diy house bar (including the plywood ends) to give it a waterproof finishing that would last (how to build a home wet bar).

Build A Great Wet Bar In Your Basement

( Refer to Front, Rear, and Top diagrams and images 5a and 5b) I then used a router to round off the top and bottom edges of the whole top border to offer it a more professional look. (Photo 5c) This is likewise when I made the doors for the alcohol cabinet and routed them.

After cutting the boards out I then routed the outer door edges to provide a more completed look. Next, I utilized wood filler to fill all of the small cracks and spaces, and I then painted the leading plywood that was revealing black to display the bottle caps. I then sanded and stained all of the redwood and the cabinet doors for the wet bar.

Our DIY home bar doesn't look so homemade now does it?Our prepare for how to build a bar would be complete without an alcohol cabinet now would they! For the within the bar where the fish tank sits I cut" plywood (2 pieces 23" x 34 ") and connected it to the 2x4s on both sides of the tank location to make walls in the bar.

( Pictures 6a & 6b) I then used 12 pine to make rails so the liquor would not fall out of our home bar from the back of the rack and x 2 pine to make the front rail that keeps the alcohol from falling out when you unlock.

How To Build A Home Bar

Wet Bar - Plans And Construction TipsHow To Build A Home Bar

Make sure when making your shelf for the right side, make sure you line it up so the aquarium will be visible only, and no other space will be showing. Now you require to sand and stain the within of the bar, and then apply 3 coats of the water resistant sealant to the wood.

It is connected by see-thru calking used to the back of the glass and plywood to form a tight, waterproof bond all the method around the glass. The primary step in completing the bar top is to apply 2 coats of Ultra-Seal to the plywood and the redwood on the top and the top trim, one coat in each direction.

The second action is to use a third layer of Ultra-Seal to the plywood and stick your bottle caps to it. The way I recommend to build a bar top you'll like is to first design all of your bottle caps where you want them and then pick them up in small sections and glue them all down, and then transfer to the next section.

Now we are all set to prepare for the Ultra-Glo (how to build a home wet bar). Before pouring the Ultra-Glo make sure to completely read the directions and make sure to have a torch prepared as the instructions state. I tried to use a blow dryer the very first time I put the top (for this reason the photo) and it did not go out all of the bubbles! Now you will need to make 2 puts of this stuff at different times, about half the very first time and the rest the 2nd time (presuming you put both areas at the same time).

Home Bars

Belly Up To Your Own Home Bar: Our How-to GuideUseless Space To Wetbar Build-out

This happened to me the first time I put my bar when I poured it too thick due to the fact that nobody appeared to understand this except individuals at Ultra-Glo; it is not even in the instructions! Needless to say I invested countless hours re-sanding the top and cutting out bubbles! To setup for the put I simply separated the 2 bar pieces and taped both the their ends off with masking tape and then I essential gunned cardboard behind the tape into the lower plywood to offer it strength so the Ultra-Glo did not overflow - Let the drinks come to you!.

I then poured the Ultra-Glo with the help of my roommates; one blends while the other individual or 2 smoothes and gets the bubbles out. Let the drinks come to you!. This things is really messy so I suggest you put a tarps under whatever and over the sides of the bar and you ought to likewise use old clothes and non reusable gloves.

On the 2nd pour you will desire to put up to the top of the redwood and use a stirring adhere to press the Ultra-Glo equally over all of the redwood top and spread it over 16 redwood border, this is when the second or 3rd individual really can be found in handy (how to build a home wet bar).



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